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With the sport of electric racing growing rapidly across the globe, we have started our new podcast in the Electric Racing World, to help highlight events, organisers, racers, volunteers and the ins and outs of what goes into the sport of electric racing.

EPISODE 1 - T-Racing World Championships with David Bonde

Brad talks to the founder of T- Racing, David Bonde about the T-Racing World Championships, online leaderboards, Ride That Thing and Esk8Con.


EPISODE 2 - TEF1 EUC racing in Vancouver and beyond.

Brad chats with Mahyar from The Electric Force 1, or TEF1, Vancouver Canada, following the TEF1's first EUC race event.
Mahyar shares some of the challenges of what goes into TEF1 electric racing events. Some of the highlights, and lessons learnt, as well as bigger picture goals for TEF1 and electric racing as a sport.


EPISODE 3 - Stooge Raceboards history,  AVS Eskate, EUC and ETrike racing

Brad Chats with Moe from Stooge Raceboards about the Stooge history and and the upcoming race at Apple Valley Speedway.